What is xto8?
xto8, or “X to Infinity” is a platform for discussing and collaborating on ideas which have real life utilities. Often times, a person with a revolutionary idea is not able to take it to the next level because of many missing pieces of the puzzle.

And the fact is, there are no direct means available to find the missing pieces. For a given idea, there are hundreds of thousands with required skills, similar interests, answers to the critical questions, reviewers, potential users of the product and investors – but they are not connected. And xto8 strives to bridge that big disconnect.

No potential idea should be left unexecuted.
No cool concept should stay away from the light of the day just because one doesn’t know what’s next for turning it into a service or a product.

How we do it?
xto8 is a unique platform where anyone can post an idea with the intention to either discuss, brainstorm, or building a product/service around it. This can be any category ranging as far as from Agriculture, to Drama and Music, to Blockchain to Art and Entertainment to anything which has a positive impact on environment or society or a region.

The discussion on Xto8 Platform can kick off and it can turn into a project by

  • building a team from the community,
  • selecting partners from the participants,
  • using Xto8 Premium Services
  • collectively deciding the next course of actions in furthering the idea towards execution,
  • updating the predefined stages provided by the platform
  • showcase the progress on the platform.

One of the salient features of the platform is, it is simple and intuitive to use and yet a powerful tool to connect with the right people and audience.
The more eyes the project gets on it, its potential to have a strong community increases multifold. The project can still be built in stealth mode with only public information exposed on the platform.

This generates enough traction on the ongoing development and draws attentions from various quarters which includes –

✤ Project participants
✤ Co-founders
✤ Beta testers
✤ Developers
✤ Initial Users
✤ Potential investors

What are the Xto8 Free and Premium Services?

Xto8 is basically a freemium platform, where users can use all the basic features without paying anything. The free features include –

✤ Posting an idea

✤ Discussing within community

✤ Selecting team, partners, co-founders

✤ Advancing the idea to various stages based on the development

In addition to this, for the project which are looking to accelerate and make use of experienced individuals and also generate enough interest among the community, Xto8 also offers Premium Services. They include, but not limited to –

✤ Verified professionals in various fields as diverse as the following

✓ Software Developer (UI/UX, Database, Web3, Gaming etc.)

✓ Marketing Experts

✓ Legal Advisors

✓ Highly Qualified Professionals in a field (e.g. PhD)

✓ Finance

✓ Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

✓ Graphic and Animation Designers

✓ Social Media Experts

✓ Risk professionals

✤ Getting prominent place in “Featured Ideas” on Xto8 platform

✤ AI-enabled matching with professionals for the idea based on project stage and field

✤ Assistance in Socials and Marketing set up by professionals

✤ Launch assistance from Xto8 Experts board

✤ Pitch-deck preparation

✤ Getting featured in hackathons and events organized and participated by Xto8

The Xto8 Premium Services provides sure-shot ways to accelerate the project development with right mix of assistance from the community and experts registered with the platform. As the community grows, the diversity of skills it brings to the fore helps any idea with potential to reach it’s rightful destiny which is a service or a product the idea owner has envisioned.

Xto8 is here to bring the idea revolution. And at its core is the community.