What is the single biggest impediment for a simple or an extraordinary idea to turn into reality? There is not one, but many. The right team, skillset, money to name a few. And while there is no dearth of any of this in the connected world, what we were missing is a systematic iTeta (Idea To Execution Tools Aggregator) which helps anyone with a cool idea to see it reach its fruition.

Not anymore. With launch of xto8, we strive to bridge this gap forever. Starting from mentoring, team building, finding co-founders, developers, designer, marketing, fund-raising – xto8 is at the center of all actions. From an unknown concept to infinite possibilities, xto8 is where the idea revolution begins.

  • Have an idea? Post it.
  • Have a skill? Showcase them and join a project.
  • Have got a good team on xto8 finally? Progress the idea on xto8.
  • Showcase the stages of the project on xto8 dashboard and build interest around it.
  • Attract investors, prepare pitch, involve interested people to join the product/project launch.

Join the idea revolution. Post your idea and let it take shape with help of community. Join the journey – from unknown to infinity.

The vision & The mission

The human intelligence has no bounds. From the invention of wheel to the discovery of quantum physics to the latest development in cold fusion, we are testing the boundaries of what we are capable of to change the world for better. There may be millions of ideas which never saw the light of the day for the lack of right means of knowledge to follow through. We, at xto8, strive to change this forever.

The Vision

An idea, howsoever simple, is what sows the seed of a revolution – and it needs to be nurtured, by those who care about a better world.

The Mission

Create an ecosystem where ideas thrive. An ecosystem where ideas are discussed, debated, collaborated and then turned into something which contributes something positive to the society, science, culture, environment and anything that matters for the universe.

Pre-Sale & Values

xto8 token will release on BSC platform and pre-sale will be held on The Sphynx Lab. It is also going to be main accelerator tool for APEX blockchain.

Token Symbol



APEX (www.theapexchain.org)


2022/10/10 16:00 UTC

Number of tokens for Pre-Sale



2022/10/13 16:00 UTC

Tokens exchange rate


Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount



SphynxLab (www.thesphynx.co)


The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Oct 2022

✤ Presale + Launch on Apex
✤ Development of the prototype begins
✤ Telegram Channel
✤ Twitter Channel
✤ YouTube Channel
✤ AMA with reputed channels
✤ Launch of Staking for BRICK

Nov 2022

✤ Prototype of xto8 Platform
✤ Marketing to a broader community
✤ Xto8 Ideathon is launched
✤ AMAs with multiple channels
✤ The development of Beta version of the app begins

Dec 2022

✤ Beta app development continues
✤ INFINIFTY (NFT) Introduction
✤ Kick off discussion with potential early stage start up collaborations
✤ Initiate applications for affiliated partnership with professional networks

Jan 2023

✤ Registration for Web3 Summit Participation
✤ Ideathon evaluation across applications
✤ Completion of Phase 1 of beta development

Feb 2023

✤ Preparation for Web3 Exhibition continues
✤ Beta App Development Phase 2 Begins
✤ Hiring of consultant for major milestones and goals setting to realize the Xto8 vision

Mar 2023

✤ Xto8 participation in Asia's biggest Web3 Summit
✤ Potentials collaborations with service providers, VC circles and mentor circle begins
✤ First Ideathon completes
✤ Multiple Incubation applications
✤ Beta Phase 2 completion and launch

Apr 2023

✤ Integration with potential service providers start
✤ Onboarding of mentors, VC and more users through potential channels discovered during Web3 summit
✤ More incubation applications and investor pitch
✤ Registration opens up for service providers, mentors and investors on Xto8
✤ Influence marketing begins

May 2023

✤ Launch of Alpha to the wider audience
✤ Major freelancer affiliation partner applications starts
✤ Major marketing push to spread the word
✤ Core Team expansion to facilitate the operations for furthering the vision

The Team

Board Member
Chief Operating Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided answer of few frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using telegram and twitter links below.

xto8 is a unique platform on which anyone can share an idea and let the community contribute and collaborate on it. It provides opportunity to further a thought or an idea and turn it into a real-world service or a product.

One of the biggest reasons why certain ideas fail to take off is because of the question – The big fat how. And the surprising thing is, it should not be a question at all. There is no dearth of people with complementing skills, knowledge of know-hows, expertise, wisdom and all things required to build on the idea. The only missing thing has been a platform to bring them all together – that’s where xtoinfinity comes into picture.

The platform is simple and intuitive to use.
• You have an idea – choose a category, post it, publish, make it public or private, open it for collaboration.
• Those subscribed for the given category will see it, add suggestions, apply to be part of the project as a collaborator or simply advisors.
• You go through collaborators’ inputs, build a team based on inputs, take the project to the next stage.
• Brainstorm with the chosen team, post project updates to the community, arrange competitions, surveys, make the project visible and let it speak of itself.
• Once the project gets traction, sky is the limit. Let potential users, investors and larger world take notice and take part in the project and by the time the project is ready for delivery, it has already generated buzz to hit the ground running.

xtoinnfinity pre-sale will be held on SphynxLab on Binance Smart Chain in Q2 2022. Post launch, it will be available to buy on SphynxLab as well as Pancake Swap. Stay tuned for more information on the exact date and time for pre-sale and launch.

Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.